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How You Make Money

Choose any (or all!) of the online database options. You pay only pennies per person and resell the service, setting your own profit. Or offer the service as an added benefit to your employees! Our Family Marbles™ enhances productivity with peace of mind and stress-less parenting.

What We Do

Provide a low-cost opportunity for non-profits and corporations to raise funds, enhance employee benefits and make money with a unique family safety service.

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What is Our Family Marbles?

Why people Love Us

Families can deal with an emergency situation quickly and effectively, from anywhere in the world. And our interactive tools for family organization make day-to-day scheduling a snap!

  • Family Calendar
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Immunizations
  • Babysitter Resources
  • Family Files
  • Caregiving Support
  • Family Journal
  • And So Much More!