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Child Safety Registry

Child Safety Registry

    An estimated 2,000 children are reported missing each day in the U.S. Getting detailed info to law enforcement quickly is crucial

  • Safely store law enforcement approved child data for family members and caregivers
  • Saves 2-4 hours of critical time during emergencies
  • Pre-answer age-appropriate questions that law enforcement needs to efficiently search for your child

Our Family MarblesTM saves an average of 2-4 hours. The information police need is available at the click of a mouse!

1. What are the names, numbers and family relationships, if any, of your child caregivers?
2. If different than above, who is authorized to pick up your child from their school or daycare ? What are the phone numbers for these individuals?
3. What time is your child typically expected home from school?
4. What are the names and ages of your child's siblings?
5. What are the name of your children's closest friends? Please include their cell phone and /or home telephone numbers. Please consider adding their parent's name and numbers as well.
6. What are your child's favorite places to socialize and spend time, to the best of your knowledge? Consider parks, malls, arcades, friends' houses and such.
7. What are your child's afterschool activities? Please list any teams, clubs tutors or lessons with which your child participates. Please list the names and phone numbers of the coaches, instructors and teachers who lead these activities.